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Reliable market knowledge at last


Find every key figure of your market down to the smallest detail with the Ceresana’s global fillers market report.

Knowledge is power

In times of wars, energy crises and rising interest rates, markets move quickly and uncontrollably. In such turbulent times, it is essential to have a compass that shows you the right way.

Quality over quantity.

Ceresana has been analyzing markets,
raw materials and products for over 20
years. Based in the heart of Germany,
we consistently provide added value to
more than 10,000 customers.

By Experts for experts.

We know how quickly markets change.
Ceresana has its finger on the pulse of
the markets for you. Our up-to-date
market intelligence gives you a decisive
advantage over the competition.

Ceresana is your beacon of light on rough seas

Taking the wind out of the sails of uncertainty, we ensure that you reach
your destination smoothly and safely

Competetive advantage

Become a first mover. Lay the
foundation for your future success
with our market studies.


Our analysts compute future
forecasts using complex
econometric models, protecting
you against all risks.


We open the black box of market
dynamics for you. Our knowledge
gives you security and peace of
mind, even in turbulent times.

Our satisfied customers

The study is very useful to us as it
is the first to provide comprehensive
data and facts about our industry

J.P LFSales Director Europe, Biosphere

The most appealing aspect is
that each country is studied in
great detail.

S.RCorporate von ISIN International Pte

A comprehensive work to quickly
find revenues, potential markets
and manufacturers.

R.SGeschäftsführer, Harold-Scholz

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