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Custom Market Studies

An essential competitive advantage for lasting success.

Do you need a customized study?

Through one of Ceresana’s custom studies, you have access to a wealth of market information including market developments and reliable forecasts. Through individual B2B market research, you are securing a competitive advantage over your business counterparts

Which questions does ceresana help with?

Questions about the Market

  • How large is the market which interests us?
  • Where is expansion profitable?
  • How are the costs for raw materials, energy and intermediate products developing?
  • How high are the capacities worldwide?
  • How high are revenues and volumes in the individual sales markets?
  • What macroeconomic conditions and trends are significant?
  • How can we optimize our market success with modified products and services?
  • How might future trends that are relevant to the company, the brand and the customers appear?

Questions regarding Customers

  • Who and where are our potential customers?
  • Are there alternative areas of application for our products and services?
  • What are the essential customer requirements?
  • How do we invent something that adapts to expanding customer needs?
  • Which lifestyle trends are likely to evolve over the next few years and what consequences might these have for the company?
  • What market prices are customers willing to pay?



Questions regarding Suppliers

  • Which suppliers are worth considering for our needs?
  • Who offers the best conditions?
  • Where are current and future procurement markets?

Questions about the Competitors

  • How do our customer ratings differ to our competitors‘?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of our competitors?
  • Who are the current and potential market leaders and niche players?
  • How do acquisitions, mergers and new capacities affect the market?
  • What are our competitors’ revenues and sales?
  • What territory are our competitors expanding into?
  • What are our competitors’ market shares and growth rates?

Questions on Strategies

  • When is the best time to enter or exit the market?
  • Is an acquisition worthwhile?
  • How to respond to new laws and standards?
  • Is it worth investing in new products / technologies?
  • What are the opportunities and risks in the target markets?
  • How can new growth markets develop?
  • Is it advantageous to broaden our product portfolio?
  • Should new production sites be considered?
  • How can we optimize our market success with modified products and services?

What Kind of Content can a Contract Study Have?

  • Consumption broken down by application
  • Consumption broken down by country/region
  • Production and capacities
  • Innovations and trends
  • Sales and prices
  • Cost structure
  • Imports and exports
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Competitor Analysis

Compilation of relevant profiles of current and potential competitors, and additional analysis of the competitors regarding strengths, weaknesses, strategies, objectives, etc.

Market Analysis

Evaluation of market volumes, potential developments, market shares, price developments, product life cycle phases, competitive position and for miscellaneous product groups at national and global levels.

Customer Analysis

Analysis of current and potential customers i.e., customer satisfaction, requirements, sociodemographic criteria etc.

Environmental Scanning

Identification of relevant market developments and market specific qualities, for example (possible) market entry of suppliers, technological innovations, and established entry barriers.

Market Segmentation and Target Group Analysis

Segmentation of the entire heterogeneous market into homogenous sub-segments and evaluation of profitable target goups.

Positioning Strategies

Assessment of your position on the market in comparison to competitors and development of optimal positioning strategies.


Comparison of processes and products of your company with competitors or leaders in other branches, and thereupon constructive formulation of improvement possibilities.


Analysis of opportunities and threats resulting from market dynamics, in relation to the strengths and weaknesses of your company. Derivation of strategies to secure long-term competitiveness.




Years of Experience


Market Studies