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Why Ceresana?

Reliable Industry Analyses

Ceresana is one of the leading market research companies for the industry. In the German-speaking region, Ceresana is the only institute with this special profile. We support companies of all sizes with current data and facts worldwide. Through the business-relevant market intelligence we provide, our customers gain a considerable competitive advantage strengthening their position long term.

Competence and Experience

Ceresana has over 20 years of experience and an excellent reputation in analyzing markets, companies, and products – global, regional, and country-specific. Our dedicated team consistently analyze the industrial markets and their development, and provides practice-related results. Over 10,000 customers trust our expertise.

Our Market Studies – Your Success

As our customer, you profit from reliable multi-client market reports on the global and European markets. Our team are more than happy to accommodate your specific requirements with our custom studies. We also provide single client studies that meet your specific needs. We believe that communication and reliability are fundamental to a successful partnership, and are very important to us here at Ceresana. With our services, you will obtain the decisive cutting-edge knowledge to create the foundations for sustainable business success.

Our market studies also provide you with the knowledge to…

… further develop your business.
… identify new business partners, target groups, and markets.
… gain competitive advantages.
… anticipate risks and opportunities.
… assess investments and product innovations.
… forecast supply and demand.
…increase sales revenues.
… analyze value chains.
…realize growth.
… determine future trends and technologies.

Our Core Competencies

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Bio-Economy Market Studies

Green economic growth and sustainability: Bioeconomy promises nothing less than the reconciliation of economy and ecology. Replacing crude oil, natural gas and coal with biomass can benefit climate protection, the environment and security of supply, among other things. In addition to food, medicines and bioenergy, biogenic raw materials are increasingly providing innovative materials for numerous economic sectors. Ceresana’s industry analyses will focus on biochemicals and bioplastics, i.e., the material utilization of renewable resources. The spectrum ranges from biobased basic materials and precursors, such as bio-alcohols, bio-acids and biopolymers, to end products, such as adhesives, coatings, films, packaging and composites. The market studies also cover bio-complexing agents, bio-surfactants and bio-solvents made from biological raw materials: Biomaterials that are hardly known to most consumers, but can be used in large quantities for detergents and other everyday products.

Market Studies Industrial Goods

Market analyses in the industrial sector

Industrial goods are products that serve industrial needs, such as raw materials, auxiliary materials, semi-finished products, equipment, machines, devices, parts and accessory components. Industrial goods are reuseable factors in the manufacture of downstream products.

Many of the industrial goods analyzed by Ceresana are used in the construction industry. In addition to plastics, adhesives, insulation materials and paints & coatings, these products also include windows & doors and plastic pipes. The industry analyses contain trends and analyses on the development of sales, consumption and production and thus provide a detailed overview of the individual markets.

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Market Studies Plastics

Market analyses in the field of plastics

Plastics (colloquially also called plaste) consist of polymerized hydrocarbons. Their technical properties, such as malleability, hardness, breaking strength, elasticity, temperature resistance and chemical resistance, which can be greatly varied by the choice of macromolecules, manufacturing processes and admixture of additives, which are important characteristics of plastics. They are classified according to their mechanical-thermal behavior into thermoplastics, elastomers and thermosets.

Ceresana has analyzed both the overall European and global plastics markets. In addition to overall markets such as engineering plastics, bioplastics and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), individual plastic types such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), expandable polystyrene (EPS), polypropylene (PP) and polyurethane (PUR) and isocyanates (MDI & TDI) were also examined. Elastomers such as styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) and butadiene rubber (BR), which belong to the group of plastics, were also analyzed.

Market Studies Chemicals

Market analyses in the chemicals sector

The chemical industry is one of the most important and largest sectors in industrialized countries. Chemicals can be divided into basic inorganic chemicals, petrochemicals, polymers, fine and specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and soaps, detergents and personal care products.

Ceresana has already analyzed a variety of different chemical markets. In addition to the petrochemicals ethylene and propylene, for example, various plastic additives such as antioxidants, flame retardants, fillers, pigments, stabilizers and plasticizers are also examined in detail. The market studies provide a comprehensive market overview of the chemicals industry by considering consumption, sales, production and key manufacturers.

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Market Studies Packaging

Market analyses in the packaging sector

Unpackaged goods are now only conceivable in very few segments in western industrialized countries. The packaging industry is constantly responding to changes in consumer needs. Important current trends include sustainability, product safety, material savings through lightweighting, e-commerce and the growing orientation of many customers. In connection with the latter trend, stand-up pouches represent a growth driver for the flexible packaging and food packaging markets. The demand for lightweight and stable plastic packaging is being strongly fueled, among other things, such as the trend toward ready-to-eat or ready-to-serve meals. When it comes to sustainability, no other packaging material offers such good conditions for recycling and reprocessing as metal does. Corrugated board and cardboard on the other hand, are the most widely used materials in the increasing Internet trade.

Ceresana’s market analyses cover both rigid packaging, e.g. plastic, and flexible packaging, such as plastic films and bags, sacks and pouches. Lids and closures are also an important part of packaging and containers. In addition, labels are added to most packaging to provide information about the product and make it more attractive.

Market Studies Mobility

Market analyses in the field of mobility

Ceresana’s mobility market studies benefit a wide range of market players: from suppliers, manufacturers and vendors to banks, consultancies and start-ups. Our experienced team has already analyzed the European and global market for hybrid & electric cars, automotive coatings and automotive plastics.

Developments and innovations in the electromobility sector are leading to changes in the automotive industry. How these dynamics develop is shown by our reliable product and market forecasts. For this purpose, the inventory, production and first registrations of hybrid cars, among other things are recorded and analyzed.
However, the increased demand for electric cars is not only influencing the automotive industry, but also other neighboring markets. As a major consumer of plastics, market developments in the automotive industry for example, also influence the market for plastics. For this reason, Ceresana has analyzed the market for plastics in automobiles in relation to consumption and sales.

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Our studies cover all relevant market areas

Production Volume

Production data on regions, countries and companies are collected systematically. We evaluate numerous regional databases and statistical offices. Simultaneously, our experienced experts analyze annual reports of individual producers and directly contact companies to obtain detailed information. In the final stage, the collected data are checked for plausibility by analyzing the demand for intermediate products in the respective regions and countries.

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Production – Capacities per Country, per Product, per Site

Prior to each study, our staff conducts research on production capacities of all major companies of the respective market, including capacities of individual locations, from joint ventures and subsidiaries. Also, all capacity expansions that are announced for the future and planned projects are recorded. Besides company specific news, press releases and annual reports, data of specialist portals and associations are evaluated. After that, this information will be verified by sending provisional profiles for checking purposes to the companies.

Import and Export

We collect our data from numerous regional statistical authorities as well as from transregional external trade databases. We clearly arrange this great amount of individual data from all over the world. Here, it may occur that different statistical offices use different classifications and names for the examined products. Also, the required product may only be included in a major category. To determine the actual trade volume in this case, we examine supply and demand for the whole market. In a next step, data will be checked through a comparison with retail prices. Plausibility will also be guaranteed by a check calculation of consumption and production numbers.

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Demand Volume

With the help of our structured, multistage approach to record and analyze demand volume in the countries we examine, we ensure a well-founded calculation. Based on production and trade figures that we obtain from statistical authorities and economic associations, we determine a basic value of demand of a country or a region. These data on demand are verified through detailed examination of the intermediate products as well as of the following application areas (bottom-up/top-down approach). To create exact models for these control calculations, we evaluate specialist literature and numerous databases for every study. This way, we develop a full picture of the value chain of the respective markets and calculate relevant input factors and coefficients. In addition to that, we refer to our own extensive Ceresana database, in which expertise from 15 years of industry market research is collected.

Demand per Individual Application Area

When calculating the overall demand of a product within a country or a region, usually also demand data for individual application areas are determined (see figure “demand volume”). First, we determine major application areas as well as the most dynamic markets and industries with the help of specialist literature, expert interviews, and information of associations. Then, we analyze downstream industries. Thereby, we quantify in which way and to what extent the respective products are processed. Furthermore, we include decisive trends and regional differences of the markets in our analyses. We also integrate company information on sales volumes of the largest market participants into our calculations.

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Titelbild zu Trends, Technologien, Innovationen

Trends, Technologies, Innovations

As a solid basis for our prognoses, we prepare information on relevant trends and important innovations, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Our sources are, among others, specialist literature, relevant online portals, trade fairs, meetings, and conferences. Furthermore, we also use press releases, newsletters, and expert interviews for our research.


A region’s revenues are determined by demand volume and average prices of the respective countries (for calculation see demand volume and prices). For checking purposes, the collected information of annual reports and association notifications are considered. Numerous further data as well as revenues are clearly presented with graphics and tables in the Ceresana studies.


For the different products, we analyze price data from different specialist databases for prices. We also calculate import and export prices from trade data. In a last stage, these values are checked with data from our Ceresana database. This database contains historic price series for upstream and downstream products and margins of examined products.
The analysis of price developments is implemented by a bottom-up calculation. Considering various scenarios of development of raw material, operating and fixed costs as well as of technological trends, production costs are forecasted. On the basis of data on margins as well as of current and future supply and demand situation, we calculate the prices for individual products and product groups.

Company Profiles

Our Ceresana database contains about 5,180 company profiles, which have been collected through many years of work of industry market research. Not only do we evaluate public information, especially specialist portals, but we also regularly contact the companies directly. For each study, profiles are systematically updated to guarantee that our clients receive the most recent information. The relevant data of the respective study in particular, are presented in detail for every company.

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The success of our customers has been Ceresana's goal for 20 years. That is why we offer reliable market knowledge for your sustainable competitive advantage.

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